Rassamee Suebchompoo (Mhee)

Founder of Yak Start | Synhub & Synergy technology Owner | Incubator
Founder of Yak Start
Business Advisor

Professional Experience Overview:

She has more than 20+ years of experience in IoT, Electronics, and Business Development. She is a founder of Synhub to provide Digital and Innovation community & co-working space to strengthen startups eco-system. She also a serial entrepreneur and investor to invest in innovations and tech businesses to disrupt the market in the long-run.

Professional Skills:

Electronics & IoTs
95 %
Incubation & Community
90 %
Business Development
85 %
Tech Investment
80 %
Partnership Development
80 %

Key Highlights:

– Incubate and train Startups and SMEs of above 2000+ businesses.

– Invest and build-up various Tech Businesses especially in IoTs and Healthcare.

– More than 10 years in providing software and hardware solutions to mass productions.

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