Yak Start: Fundraising & Scaling Agent

For Tech Startups:

Yak Start provides expertises in Technology, Business, Financial, and Funding to potential tech startups. We have networking and deep relationship with plenty of investors who focus in long-term-investment, as the consequence, our investors will not push startups to exit in just 3-5 years like many investors in the market. In addition to funding, we guarantee the solid business model and financial model that fit with your innovation. We also help you to manage the reasonable valuation in the due diligence process with investors.

For Investors:

Yak Start provides you solidated Tech Businesses that have already passed our systematice screening and grooming process. All startups in our portfolio have deep solution (deep tech or complex methodology/science/engineering), strong barrier to entry, and strong business model. We help you to manage startups and control cashflow after fund as well; and act as the key person who manage strategy and relationship between investors and startups along the way of investments and scales. Above all, we focus in startups who have ability to generate profit rather than startups those have only valuation with no profitability.

For Corporates:

Yak Start provides expertise in creating innovation team and validating & scaling innovative products. We can help your team to build-up tech startups competencies and knowledge. We also have solid tech startups in our portfolio for you to invest to stregthen your core business or generate new revenue stream for the sustainable growth.

Leverage Co-investment from various sources to fulfill your mission

We have end-to-end systematic methodology from incubating, validating, funding, and scaling

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